The 10 Step Korean Beauty Routine

The 10 Step Korean Beauty Routine

Let’s get down to business. The reason you’re probably reading this is because you have no idea what exactly the Korean 10 step routine is. That’s fine, it’s why I am here! 😉 This routine is more just multiple steps, it changes your perspective on how you view your skin. Beautiful skin does not come overnight, but with K-Beauty you are well on your way. (Being that you use consistently and effectively of course.) So let’s jump right into the basics shall we?

  • Step 1. Makeup Remover and Oil Cleanser: If you wear makeup like I do, it’s important to use makeup remover to clear skin of all mascara, eye shadow, and foundation etc. before starting to oil cleanse. This helps to ensure that you’re removing the majority of the makeup before double cleansing.  Oil Cleansing is for removing oil based pollutants such as  sunscreen, sebum, and makeup.  And I know the idea of putting oil on your face as an oily skin type seems crazy, BUT TRUST ME this is a key step to the routine.
  •  Step 2. Water-Based Cleanser (Foam Cleansers): This step is to ensure any remaining dirt or oils are completely removed from your face.  This second cleanse helps prevent breakouts as well.
  • Step 3.  Exfoliation: Exfoliating is important because it helps unclog pores and rids your face of dead skin, which helps improve your skin’s texture. There are two kinds of exfoliators chemical and mechanical.  Chemical exfoliants use acids like BHA or AHA to dissolve dead skin cells, and mechanical are typically done with a use of a tool such as a clarisonic or substrate.
  • Step 4. Toner: Toning is a very important step because after cleansing it removes any residue left over from double cleansing but it also refreshes your skins PH. You can apply either with a cotton pad or your hands.
  •  Step 5. Essence: The primary goal of this step is to hydrate your skin.  They typically contain other skin beneficial ingredients to brighten, lift, etc.  Essences are typically lightweight and thinner than serums.  (More on how they’re similar later)
  • Step 6. Ampoules and Serums: Ampoules are thicker than essences and are used as a booster to treat very precise skin problems. Serums are also a little thicker than essences and used to to address dark spots and wrinkles etc. The consistency a serum is almost oil like.
  • Step 7. Sheet Mask: I affectionately call sheet masks the deep conditioner of the K-Beauty routine. You can use these twice a week or more especially if you have dry skin. These are best used after essences because your skin absorbs all the goodies packed in the sheet masks.
  • Step 8. Eye Creams: Since your under eye is very delicate; eye creams help keep dark circles and puffiness away.  Since it’s such a delicate area, while eye creams are super concentrated they are extra gentle.
  • Step 9. Moisturizer: K-beauty is big on moisture and hydration. This step ensures your skin is fully hydrated especially at night. There are certain products like sleep packs that help retain your skin’s moisture levels at night also.
  • Step 10. SPF (Sunscreen): Sunscreen is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP OF THE K-BEAUTY ROUTINE. You are protecting your skin’s health and honestly, if you’re not using SPF your skincare routines are essentially a waste of your time and money.

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  1. There is no sunscreen or other SPF product (BB/CC creams, etc) that doesn’t make me break out. I’ve tried so so so many. Halp?

    1. Hi made. The one I’m currently using by lagom is really gentle. I haven’t broken out or had any irritation from it. Also has no scent. I purchased from peach and lily

  2. Hey,I have combination skin that’s also very sensitive and I’m scared my skin will break out into hives or get bleached by using K-beauty products. What products do you recommend for my skin type? And also what’s a good affordable website to by products for all ten steps besides style korean? Thank You!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the way this was broken down, but i assume this routine is for the nighttime(excluding the SPF step), do you repeat the entire thing in the morning over again ?

    1. A lot of people do! It’s a morning and night routine however I limit mine to 4 steps in the morning. I’m usually out the door and do not have the extra time.

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